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An In-depth Look At Wind Aid And Using It Effectively

Wind Aid is in a Glycerin base. Glycerin is a water-soluble lubricant and moisturizer. Our Glycerin is top quality, human grade and Kosher. It is a plant-based product, not a petro product. Ours comes from Palm Kernel oil. It is used to seal wedding cakes, given to elderly in nursing homes when they cannot swallow pills or when medications […]

The disease has no cure and is under-reported. Development of illness is a slow process, possibly making you wonder for days what is wrong with your horse.

West Nile Virus (WNV) is transmitted to horses via bites from infected mosquitoes. Equine mortality rate can be as high as 30-40%. The virus is not contagious and can only pass through the bite of an infected mosquito. Your horse is at greater risk of contracting WNV if he hasn’t been vaccinated. Vaccines will not […]

The Facts About Iodine

In 2007, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) passed a law stating the distribution of Iodine over 2.2 % concentrations, would require regulatory control. This came about after it was found that drug traffickers were using iodine in the illicit manufacture of methamphetamine (Meth). The regulation controls iodine crystals and strong iodine tinctures/solutions (e.g., 7 percent iodine) or […]

Managing Mud and Hoof Health This Spring

When it comes to horse hooves, it doesn’t matter how fancy a pedigree is, owners still need to do their due diligence to assure that soundness and hoof health needs are met. This is especially true as the seasons change and we start to see more rain. One main factor that plays an important role […]