Do you wash mud off legs daily?

Mar 26, 2013 | FAQs, Mud Fever

I have a new boy for this winter. He’s a heavy weight cob. His feathers have all been trimmed off, ( by previous owner). Now with all the recent rain, he and my little pony have churned up the field and gateways, and it’s all becoming rather muddy. Everyday both horses come in to have there feet picked out regardless of whether there working that day. New cob seems to be a real mud monster and always seems to be plastered in mud, and im getting paranoid about mud fever! Do you wash mud off legs daily? Or do you use any lotions/potions/barrier creams?

I would advise cleaning all brushes and any other tools used on an infectious horse. Wear gloves and change them between treating different horses. One thing I have noticed is that most horses with Mud Fever have some sort or heat issue in the hoof or even thrush so I always check this out and treat it as well. It is essential to get the fever out of the hoof. What comes first—chicken or the egg? I don’t know if the weakened immune system and conditions that lead to mud fever contribute to the hoof condition or reverse, but it seems to be a common factor. And, of course I like to treat the hoof with Sole Pack Hoof Packing by Hawthorne Products to draw the heat from the hoof. If there is any sign of thrush then I treat it with Hoof Freeze by Hawthorne Products, unless it is too severe and then we just use Sole Pack—takes just a little longer but it is effective.