About Us

For generations, the Hobson family, owners of Hawthorne-Products, has worked with horses. Company president, Kim Hobson grew up surrounded by horses and people who worked with them. Kim’s grandfather, Roy Hobson, trained race horses across the US, and her grandmother, Chrystal Hobson, opened tack shops at the same time. Kim’s dad, Don Hobson, traveled throughout the continental U.S. and Puerto Rico providing the highest quality farrier work for top horses.

Hawthorne-Products was founded by Kim’s dad, Don Hobson, in 1977. View Hawthorne Products location. Don is responsible for bringing many of Hawthorne’s horse care formulas to the business – some formulas dating back over 100 years. Hawthorne Products has also developed additional products in-house such as Wind Aid, Hoof Freeze, Sole Pack Dressing and Sole Pack Packing. Many Hawthorne horse care products have become staples for horse lovers across the world.

Hawthorne Products supports a variety of charities and local functions including horse rescue organizations, Humane Society, Friends of Ferdinand, ReRun, prison rehabilitation programs including horse care, 4-H, Youth barrel racing, Farrier Clinics, and numerous individuals with their horses. View our Donations page. Kim Hobson not only helps run Hawthorne Products but also owns her own horses including her rescued stallion – Jackson’s Gap and her race horse – Thurben. Get to know our Hawthorne horses!

Hawthorne Products developed a simple principle concerning customer satisfaction over 50 years ago…give the customer the best possible product for the best possible price. Well things certainly haven’t changed. In fact, the purpose of this website is to provide faster, more efficient service to our customers without the typical price increases associated with technological improvements.

At Hawthorne Products, our goal is to use every resource available to maintain the optimum health of horses, and to help them live longer, healthier lives by combining science and thorough research to create the best equine care products possible.

Please browse our on-line catalog to discover the broad range of horse care products we manufacture. If you choose to order one of our fine products, please contact us.

Should you have any questions regarding any of our products please call (765) 768-6585 (Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST). We will gladly take your order by phone or direct you to the Hawthorne Products dealer closest to you.

For sales assistance or questions concerning Hawthorne Products please contact us.