Our History

Horses have been a huge part of the Hobson family for generations. So, it’s natural that Don Hobson, founder of Hawthorne Products, would also be deeply involved and share the love of horses that his family had. Don’s father Roy, and brother Larry, successfully trained Thoroughbred horses. Chrystal, Don’s mother and his brother Jarry, founded and operated Hobson’s Turf Supply at Ohio racetracks. His sister, Marita was also involved in the horse business through Harold White’s leg paint and the sale of horse coolers.

Don was a highly successful farrier during this time. He traveled the continental United States as well as Puerto Rico. During his many years as a farrier, Don solved hoof and leg issues with remedies that he had developed using common sense principles. Friends, family — and anyone who used his products — kept urging him to patent his products and start a company. Little did they know that had always been his goal. Don’s dream came true when Hawthorne Products was born — a company that would provide top horse care products for the professional horse person and as well the amateur owner.

When Don started Hawthorne Products in 1977, he brought a lot of old favorites into the business as well as the products he had developed. Products such as Wind Aid and Sole Pack were developed by Don in his shop in Dunkirk Indiana. Many of their award-winning products are considered “must haves” for horse people all over the world.

In 2018, Don was elected and became a member of the Farriers Hall of Fame at the International Hoof Care Summit. He unselfishly donates products and his knowledge to farrier schools and to individuals across the country. Don has always been a leader — supporting, promoting and encouraging others in the hobby and sport that he loves.

Since its inception in 1977, Don Hobson and Hawthorne Products, has been providing the best possible products for fair prices. His personal goal is to offer every available resource to all horse lovers so they can maintain good health for their horses. Don knows this can only be accomplished with effective products, fair prices, and great customer service. When Don is at the office, he’s readily available to take calls and answer questions about hoof and leg care as well as general horse care questions. When not in the office he can usually be found at trade shows, racetracks, and anywhere you find horses. He is doing what he loves and does best — helping people care for their horses. Don Hobson is not just a business owner and trainer, Don is a true horseman.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your incredible products. I train and race endurance horses. It is a very demanding equestrian sport on many types of conditions and terrains. Hawthorne Products have been a part of my training program. I always carry SolePack in my Easyboots just in case I lose a shoe on the trail and it offers soothing comfort. The SolePack dressing helps keep my horses hooves in excellent condition all race season. Ice-O-Gel is another amazing product. The results are immediate to help tighten the legs after a race or hard workout. I know I can depend on Hawthorne for safe and effective products to keep my horses in competition.”

Beverly Gray

“I am so glad I found your products. I have used a few of them for years and don’t question if they all work! Thank you for helping to make my horses happy.”

Tina from Marichael Farm, Oakdale, CT