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How To Apply Sole Pack Dressing For Maintenance and Prevention

The application for Sole Pack Dressing for maintenance and prevention program is applying the dressing to the frog (the “V” shaped area on the bottom of the hoof see attached photo), sole (the bottom of the hoof) and heel bulb (back heel area of the hoof) area. I also recommend applying the Sole Pack Dressing to the cornet band (where […]

Don’t get stuck on the sidelines

These photos show what Hawthorne Products can do to treat dry, hard, cracked and sore hooves. Consistent, routine use of Sole Pack can prevent this entirely. Quarter cracks are a big issue in all disciplines. They sideline the average horse to the superstar. Most vets and farriers will tell you it takes a year to grow […]

Using Gelatin to Promote Hoof Growth and Health

Studies in Europe now show that gelatin provides building blocks of cartilage; effectively providing nutritional support required for cartilage regeneration. A study published in Therapiewoche by Adam ET. Al. (1991), using randomized double-blinded crossover trial of 52 patients with hip or knee osteoarthritis, found that gelatin supplements improved symptoms related to joint pain compared to […]

When my horse’s hoof was trimmed, my farrier pointed out the beginning stages of white line disease – flaky area on the hoof with some pitting in the white line. What do you recommend for a treatment?

I agree. It does sound like the beginning stages of white line disease, which makes the hoof vulnerable to serious infection. The basic steps for treatment before adding the shoe:  Clean away debris with a stiff brush or gently with a wire brush being careful not to damage the hoof Treat the line with Hoof […]

Recently, we purchased a younger draft horse who is completely lame and has no sign of heat or swelling in the leg. We know that there are no sign of bruising. Any ideas on what could be causing the lameness? At first I thought the coronary band looked good, but I now see a raised area. The horse is very sensitive to touch in that area.

My best guess is this horse is graveling or an abscess is breaking at the coronary band. This typically happens when an infection enters the white line area of the hoof either through a nail hole or a defect in the hoof wall which allow soil, sand or debris to enter into the softer white […]

FQ: My horse has blown an abscess out the coronary band and also out the sole of the hoof. There is a bi-lateral cavity within the hoof –the horse continues to have re-occurring infection and is extremely lame—to the point I am considering giving him up. My trainer told me to contact you because you have never steered my trainer wrong, fixing all of her past problem horses. How can I help my horse?

I want you to squirt the Sole Pack Dressing into the hole in the sole of the foot. Use the empty oral syringes or the bottle with the tip to squirt the dressing into this cavity—whatever works best for this but do not jab the tip into sensitive tissue. When the cavity has filled with […]