Registering to Purchase Products Containing Regulated Chemicals

**Just follow directions and fill out the online form below

To purchase products which contain regulated chemicals, the U.S. government requires that the customer register with the merchant, Hawthorne, before purchasing. Your registration will then remain on file with Hawthorne and needs to be updated when you have a change of address.

  1. You must state the products you would like to purchase and what you will use them for (see form below)
  2. You must also fax us a copy of 2 legal ID’s: One ID must be a valid driver’s license. The second form of ID must contain the same name and address as the driver’s license and can be a recent Utility Bill, Passport, Insurance Card, Vehicle Registration, or Gun Permit.

For any questions, please write them in the comment box below, call us at 765-768-6585, or Fax us at (765) 768-7672 or view Regulated Chemicals Additional Information. Once Hawthorne-Products receives the completed form and required copies of ID’s, a representative will email you or call to confirm your registration to purchase regulated chemicals.

Hawthorne sells the following regulated products with greater than 2.2% iodine: Hoof Freeze, Docs Leg Paint, 16.5% iodine, 7% iodine, & Hot Nail.

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