Don’t get stuck on the sidelines

Feb 3, 2017 | FAQs, Hoof Care

These photos show what Hawthorne Products can do to treat dry, hard, cracked and sore hooves. Consistent, routine use of Sole Pack can prevent this entirely.

Quarter cracks are a big issue in all disciplines. They sideline the average horse to the superstar. Most vets and farriers will tell you it takes a year to grow a new hoof and we did it in half the time. The gnarly, deformed, scarred coronet band healed and allowed a normal smooth hoof to grow out – no one thought that was possible.

Sole Pack is the only product on the market that restores the hoof to it’s natural state of pliability, because of this, it can be used on hard or soft hooves. Sole Pack contains iodine and other ingredients, which aid to harden the hoof as well and fight bacterial and fungal infections. It contains Pine Tar and other natural moisturizers, which condition the hoof. Sole Pack also contains Ichthammol, which draws infection, heat & fever, and abscesses.  It relieves pain from bruising and other injuries as well.

Hawthorne Products are not solely for the incurables, but when added to daily maintenance programs, become the foundation of good health. Whether you’re looking to treat or prevent, Hawthorne can handle it either way. But for the sake of time and the health of your horse…we encourage prevention. Keep your horse healthy, happy and sound.


Kim Hobson, Hawthorne Products

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