Anti-Inflammatory & Heat Drawing for Horses & Large Animals – 10 lb, 23 lb, 50 lb

Hawthorne’s Ice-O-Poultice reduces swelling and inflammation of swollen leg muscles. Ice-O-Poultice also helps moisturize and draw fever. Ice-O-Poultice can be used:

  • for temporary relief of sore, tender hooves
  • as an anti-inflammatory
  • to draw fever or heat from injury
  • daily over an extended period
  • for difficult-to-bandage areas like the hock, pastern, knee, & stifle

Supplies needed:

  1. Ice-O-Poultice
  2. Bucket of water
  3. Paper toweling or brown Kraft paper
  4. Plastic wrap
  5. Standing bandages (leg wrap and bandage)


  1. Clean leg and moisten area of application with water.
  2. Work small amounts of Ice-O-Poultice into hair until you have built up a thick application.
  3. Treated area can be left uncovered or wrapped with paper towel and standing bandages.
  4. For a more penetrating effect, wrap with plastic over the toweling or dampened Kraft paper before applying the standing bandage.

Hawthorne’s Ice-O-Poultice also aids in the temporary relief of sore, tender hooves. Do not use poultice as a hoof packing for extended periods of time.

Supplies needed:

  1. Ice-O-Poultice
  2. Kraft paper


  1. Clean affected area
  2. Rub packing into frog and sole area of hoof
  3. Cover with paper or hoof boot.

Poultice Application Instructions (PDF)

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