Choate’s Liniment



For Sore, Stiff, Tired Muscles – 16oz or 1gal

Choate’s Liniment for horses aids in the relief of minor stiffness and soreness caused by over-exertion. Choate’s Liniment produces moderate scurfing. It effectively prevents and treats lameness and soreness caused by bog spavin, bowed tendons, bucked shins, curbs, osselets, pop knee, splints, stocking up (edema), and suspensory ligament damage. Choate’s Liniment also makes an excellent body brace when diluted with water or alcohol (2 oz. of liniment with 5 gallons of water, or 1/2 oz. with one pint of alcohol; always mix well.)

Due to registration requirements, this product is not available for sale in California.

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Supplies needed:

  1. Choate’s Liniment.
  2. Standing bandages (leg wrap and bandage).


  1. Make sure affected area is clean and free of other medication.
  2. Pour a portion of Choate’s Liniment in your hand, apply liniment rubbing with the hair. Rubbing in with hand will result in deeper penetration and produce more scurfing. Choate’s liniment can also be applied with a leg brush by simply brushing with the hair.
  3. After application, leave open or wrap with standing bandage for maximum treatment. Do not put Choate’s Liniment under tack. Irritation and blistering could occur.

Choates Application Instructions (PDF)

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