Ichthammol 20%



Healing of Equine Wounds and Horse Hooves – 16oz

Ichthammol aids in the healing of wounds, chaps, chronic skin infections, eczema, boils, and abscesses. It is also very useful as a drawing salve. Ichthammol is highly effective for drawing infection or debris from a wound or hoof. It can be applied to a sore to help moisten and soothe.

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We use this for drawing abscesses as it’s a strong drawing salve.

If you have an abscess, continue to draw it even if you think it’s drained. A common mistake is thinking the infection is out when it hasn’t been totally extracted. Prematurely discontinuing treatment will allow the wound to heal prior to the complete removal of the infection. We want to continue to fully treat it so it doesn’t reappear in the same spot in 4-6 weeks. Lastly, Ichthammol is great for horses that have graveled or have boils.

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