Doc’s Leg Paint



Horse Leg Treatment, 16 oz with all natural leg brush

Doc’s Leg Paint contains the finest essential oils, allowing for deep penetration. Doc’s Leg Paint, like all horse care products manufactured by Hawthorne Products, contains all-natural ingredients and is formulated to provide a wide range of treatment potencies based on the severity of the ailment. Doc’s Leg Paint is considered a counter-irritant having a somewhat irritating effect on the tissues, which increases blood supply to the local areas promoting the body to heal itself more rapidly. Doc’s Leg Paint may produce more scurfing on horses that have sensitive skin, or scurfing may appear in areas where internal injuries may be present. Doc’s Leg Paint may produce scurf more rapidly if painted immediately after injury, on an inflamed area, on open pores, or in warm conditions. The scurfing may also be a warning sign of heat due to injury.

Due to registration requirements, this product is not available for sale in California.

DEA Regulated
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Supplies needed:

  1. Doc’s Leg Paint
  2. Small bristle brush

Directions for use:

Doc’s Leg Paint may chemically react with other medications and cause severe scurf, so it is important to apply only to clean, dry areas. This product can be diluted with alcohol, glycerin or DMSO. When diluting with DMSO only mix what will be used within 8 hours. We suggest a 50% mixture for beginners working up to full strength. Doc’s should be applied with the clean leg brush provided and painted with the growth of the hair daily or as determined by the condition. This product is not recommended for open wounds. After painting with Doc’s, the leg can be left un-bandaged or open. For more severe scurfing, a standing bandage can be applied after the paint is dry. We recommend using the leg paint for several days unwrapped prior to using the bandage method.

Docs Leg Paint Application Instructions (PDF)

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 5.5 in

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