Cool Cast Emollient Leg Bandage



Hawthorne’s Cool Cast offers supportive, antiphlogistic care and treatment to help reduce inflammation, swelling, and tenderness. Cool Cast is effective as light support after intra-articular injections. It is also effective for the following equine ailments: bowed tendons, stocking up (edema), suspensory ligament damage, wind puffs, and fractured sesamoid bone. Cool Cast also helps reduce inflammation associated with arthritis, tendonitis, and periostitis.

Supplies needed:

  1. Cool Cast
  2. Scissors


When applying the Cool Cast bandage, it is best to start right above the ankle area. We recommend that you make three turns before you begin to move down and figure 8 the ankle. Once the ankle has at least “three” layers then begin to roll the bandage up the leg (cannon bone area) and back down the leg until the entire bandage is applied to the leg being careful to always figure 8 the ankle area. Uniformly wrap the leg and smooth out the bandage with the palm of your hand as you go – Do not draw this bandage snug or tight!

Leave on leg for 24 to 72 hours. With proper supervision, Cool Cast can be left on the leg for extended periods as necessary. Caution should be taken to monitor the swelling associated with fresh injuries. In most cases, swelling should subside overnight or within 24 hours. If swelling persists, remove Cool Cast bandage and contact your veterinarian.

Cool Cast Application Instructions (PDF)


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