Ice-O-Gel Equine Gelled Liniment Tightener and Leg Freeze, Available in 16 oz, 48 oz and 1 Gal sizes

Ice-O-Gel is a tightener and freeze that aids in the treatment of tendon and ligament problems like bowed tendons, stocking up (edema), suspensory ligament damage and wind puffs. Ice-O-Gel cools, draws and tightens with little or no scurfing.

Supplies needed:

  1. Ice-O-Gel
  2. Two or three squares of paper toweling or brown Kraft paper per leg
  3. Standing bandages (leg wrap and bandage)


  1. First, apply freely to leg by rubbing against and with hair.
  2. Then, apply to leg by rubbing only with the hair.
  3. Wrap with paper toweling or brown Kraft paper.
  4. Place standing bandage around leg. Leave on leg for 24 to 72 hours.

Repeat if needed. Although it is not necessary, you may leave Ice-O-Gel on leg while working out or walking horse. Remove with warm water. To freeze horses’ legs before racing, competitions or workouts, apply Ice-O-Gel (as directed above in steps 1-4) the night before. On the morning of the race or competition, rub Ice-O-Gel into the leg, paint over with DMSO, if desired, and wrap with a standing bandage. Prior to actually competing, remove bandage and rub in more Ice-O-Gel, followed by an application of DMSO. Wrap with a cold water bandage and place leg in ice tub or ice boot.

Ice-O-Gel can be used in conjunction with DMSO if desired (for example, as discussed above), but it is not necessary.

Ice-O-Gel Application Instructions (PDF)


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