Leg Paint Brush


Leg Paint Brush, 7.25 in x 1/2 in

Ideal for leg paints. This brush containing natural bristles is the ideal firmness for applying various leg paints with and against the hair for proper application.

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Doc’s Leg Paint is used as a counter irritants leg paint and as a tightener for the horse’s legs. This video shows specifically when and how to get the best results with Doc’s Leg Paint and help your horse in the best way. Additional Leg Paint Brush can also be purchased and are used in the video. Hawthorne manufactures horse care products for horse owners, trainers or anyone else caring for a horse. Our products are designed for hoof care; for leg care including leg paint, leg wraps, poultice, and liniments; and breathing aids for throat irritation and congestion. Other products for first aid can found in our commodities section.


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Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions .5 × .5 × 7 in


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