Sole Pack Medicated Hoof Packing



Strong and Gentle – Used on Existing or as Prevention

Hawthorne’s Sole Pack Hoof Packing relieves dry, hard, sore hooves while combatting bacterial and fungal infections. It draws heat from fevered hooves and also treats white line disease. Sole Pack Hoof Packing is highly effective in maintaining the natural pliability of the hoof. Sole Pack Hoof Packing is fast-acting, quick-penetrating and formulated with soothing natural ingredients. Sole Pack Hoof Packing is available in three sizes: easy-to-use individual “Dose Packs” and the more economical 8 lb. and 4 lb. bulk quantity.

Hawthorne's Sole Packing is perfect for preventing and managing hoof issues. We all know how costly, time-consuming, and aggravating problems such as White Line can be. Our goal is to help you prevent hoof problems, maintain the healthiest hooves, and treat problems that may have gone unnoticed or unsolved. Hawthorne's Sole Pack offers pain relief and fast healing - maintaining proper moisture levels and fighting white line and thrush.

Sole Pack Hoof Packing is a paste form of the Sole Pack Dressing, and sometimes it is great to just pack the hooves with this. It is made of a fiber like a tiny macaroni noodle and each time the horse puts weight on the hoof, it secretes the dressing and basically keeps the hoof painted continuously. This is great for sore hooves, fevered hooves, and overworked hooves. Even if they are cut too short, it will ease the pain very quickly. Sole Pack is the only product I know that will actually put the hoof back in its natural state without you guessing what it needs.

If the hoof is too soft, Sole Pack will harden it. If the hoof is too hard, the natural oils in Sole Pack will moisturize the hoof. I use this product before and after workouts on raw tissue where an abscess is cut out, and even for severe cases like laminitis and white line. Sole Pack Hoof Packing can be removed and re-used as long as it is still active – dark in color and not crumbly. If the Sole Pack appears a little dry, work some dressing into it. If the Sole Pack is crumbly and light in color, it, needs to be tossed.

Sole Pack contains iodine and other ingredients, which aid to harden the hoof plus fight bacterial and fungal infections. It contains Pine Tar and other natural moisturizers which condition the hoof. Sole Pack also contains ichthammol, which draws infection, heat & fever, and abscesses. It relieves pain from bruising and other injuries.

Anti-fungal, antiseptic, emollient paste for use as a therapeutic hoof packing for horses: as an aid in the relief of dry, sore, hard feet; as an aid in maintaining hoof pliability, which helps to allow expansion and contraction of the foot; as an aid in control of local bacterial and fungal infections.

Directions for use with leather or synthetic pads:
Clean the foot and trim the hoof. Pack the hoof with Sole Pack Hoof Packing Paste. Use fingers to work the paste into cavities. Apply pad and shoe on the hoof.

For bandage applications:
Clean the foot. Pack the hoof with Sole Pack Hoof Packing Paste. Use fingers to work the paste into cavities. Cover with paper and a bandage or with a polypropylene boot. If necessary, duct tape can be used if the bandage or boot will not stay on.

Duration of treatment:
Sole Pack Hoof Packing may be left in place overnight for up to 18 hours. At that time, remove packing and re-examine the foot. You can also open the plug in the back if you added one and examine. If your packing is dried out, it should either be replaced or can be revived by adding Sole Pack Liquid. When the pack is drying out quickly, it means that healing is taking place and attention is needed. New Sole Pack Hoof Packing Paste may be applied daily until all signs of infection have disappeared or until the desired hoof pliability has been restored. After this, the use of Sole Pack Hoof Packing Paste may be continued two or three times per week. The total duration of treatment should not exceed six weeks.

Store at room temperature 20-25°C (68-77°F)
Keep away from direct sunlight.


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