Sole Pack Medicated Liquid Hoof Dressing


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Effective Hoof Care Maintenance for Current Ailments and Prevention

Hawthorne’s Sole Pack Hoof Dressing relieves hard, dry, sore hooves. It combats bacterial and fungal infections and treats white line disease. Its rapid and deep penetration helps restore and maintain the natural pliability of tough, dry, and hardened tissues of the hoof while permitting expansion and contraction of the hoof.

Supplies needed:

  1. Hoof pick
  2. Sole Pack Hoof Dressing


  1. Clean and dry the hoof thoroughly before applying Sole Pack Hoof Dressing.
  2. Brush vigorously into frog and sole. For best results, use at least two or three times a week.
  3. To promote hoof growth apply Sole Pack with a brush, working it well into the edge of the hair at the coronary band.

Directions for tough, dry, and hardened hooves:

  1. Apply Sole Pack daily until desired pliability is restored.
  2. Continue using Sole Pack two or three times a week.
  3. Directions for bacterial and fungal infections of the hoof:
  4. Clean hoof thoroughly and, if washing is necessary, allow to dry before each application.
  5. Brush Sole Pack Hoof Dressing vigorously into all affected areas, thoroughly saturating the hoof. Continue treatment until all signs of infection are gone. For best results, use Sole Pack Hoof Dressing along with Sole Pack Hoof Packing.

Store at room temperature 20-25°C (68-77°F)
Keep away from direct sunlight.

Liquid Sole Pack Application Instructions (PDF)

  1. Melodie

    I have just finished my first container of hoof pack dressing, using it on a weekly basis over the last 6 months. We live on black top soil in North Texas and it goes from oversaturated on/off in the spring (great for thrush) to extremely dry and hard in the summer. My horse started out with hooves prone to chips and dried out frogs, to soft and supple with good growth. I leave her barefoot. My farrier commented to keep up what I’ve been using this overly wet spring bc it appeared to effectively be preventing thrush and bacterial infections. I’ve repurchased today, amongst other products from Hawthorne. My only complaint is the container with a brush that it comes in is terrible and will leak regardless of how well you seal it, so buy the separate can or lose a good deal of product and have sticky goop on all your stuff.

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