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“I’ve used Hawthorne Products as long as I can remember. I trust the quality and effectiveness of their products. After 10 wins, Bear and I still depend on Hawthorne Products to keep him in tip-top shape.”

Sally Gilbert
Owner, Trainer

“No trainer can do this job alone. It takes a team to have any chance at success. We align ourselves with good people and good products. Hawthorne has always been an important part of our team.”

Ernie Gaskin
Crimson Lame Farm, Member of the Indiana Horse Racing Association Hall of Fame

“I’ve been using Hawthorne’s products for well over 20 years. Sole Pack has never let me down and Vita Oil is my ‘go-to’ for my team’s aches and soreness.”

Dean Woodbury

“Hawthorne’s Sole Pack is the most effective hoof packing l’ve ever used.””

Jeremy Wells
Farrier for World’s Champion Five-Gaited Horse, EPOQUE KISS NKF

“We use Hawthorne’s Sole Pack, Ice-O-Poultice, and Vita Oil to take care of our horses. Ponda Warrior gets rubbed with Vita Oil every day and has been a great tool to keep him sound and happy! Not only do Hawthorne’s products work, they help us win.”

Jay Hochstetler
Trainer, Owner, Hochstetler Racing, Winner of the coveted 2023 Dan Patch race at Hooser Park

“The farrier came on Wednesday… When I got home and looked at Firestar’s feet they look great. The white line is completely gone!!! The seedy toe cracks are still there but they are not advancing, by the next trimming they will be gone. I am still keeping him stalled every day until the ground dries and always during periods of rain. I am still treating the seedy toe with a tiny amount of the Hoof Freeze and packing them with Sole Pack three times a week. I am also continuing to use the hoof dressing on the coronet band twice a week and on the sole once a week. I rode last weekend, first time in over a year. I lunged him a couple of afternoons prior to the morning I rode and I lunged him before riding. We only rode about ¼ of a mile but he did really good.

Thank you for all of your help!!!”

Susan M. Grafton: MCSE, MCSA, MCP

Information Systems Specialist

“My 9 year old barrel horse was born with twisted knees, and was pinned to strighten them out, with working hard and chances of injury after every work out we use ice o gel or ice o poultice. I love ice o gel because a little bit goes along way and i know it works, when my hands start going cold just from applying it. The poultice stays wet much longer than any other brand I have ever used, and i have never had to put water in it to use it. When it comes to races or college rodeos, my mare loses speed running home due to being tired, Windaid fixed that, will never run without it again. My horse actually enjoys taking it no fight or “hurt feelings” after squirting it in her mouth, and it helps bad breath too. Best products EVER, thank you for them!”

Samantha Moore

Concord, CA

 “I am so glad i found your products, I have used a few of them for years and don’t question if they all work ! thank you for helping to make my horses happy.” (Tina wrote this comment when she ordered Hot Nails, Hoof Freeze and iodine.)

Marichael Farm
Oakdale, CT

“I have 2 miniature donkeys and both have white line. My farrier uses your product (Hoof Freeze) and highly recommended that I get some to try and get a handle on this situation.”

Ronald Y

Knoxville, TN

“We use it (Hoof Freeze) for our Dutch Warmblood Jumper, who tends to be iffy in his feet and it was recommended by our farrier to apply before we jump him at horse shows.”

Fern M

Odessa, FL

 “Just wanted to let you know that Mackie is stil doing well. If she starts coughing, I immediately give her some Wind Aid. It has been over a year now that she was so sick. I really believe if I had not put her on Wind Aid, she would have died. She had developed a really bad cough and no tempeature. We had several trips to the vet when he recommeded that I find something with potassium iodine. Wind Aid was the only one I could find. With Hawthorne’s help, I had it right away, and within a few days, she was well. I have recently won 6 AQHA points with Mackie last summer, and with the use of Wind Aid, I hope to be able to continue showing her, even though she is 22 years old.”

Patricia Stoneking

“…Every hundredth of a second counts in barrel racing. So when I am trying to get that little edge over the competition, I rely on Hoof Freeze, Wind Aid, Cool Cast, Ice-O-Gel and Sole Pack. I have been able to maintain peek performance using Hawthorne Products. I use Hoof Freeze to take the sting out of my horses feet so that they will stride out and turn harder. Wind Aid helps my barrel horses to breathe freer and that allows them to run harder also. Ice-O-Gel and Cool Cast help the barrel horses to feel better post race and recover better. That of course, allows them to perform better in the following barrel race. The Sole Pack Hoof Packing is great under your shoe pads and also to pack a horses foot that is tender and traveling to the next race. The Sole Pack Dressing has always keep my horses feet in great shape. “A good horse has to have a good foot or, you won’t win much.”

I have won just about everything there is to win in the California Barrel Racing Circuit. Barrel Racing is our business and our life. So, I am not going to change what has been working. I can use your products right before racing and get that winning edge…”

Thank you to Hawthorne Products

Lyndee Stairs

California WPRA Circuit Champion
California NBHA 1D Champion
Dodge National Circuit Finals Qualifier
Multiple Rodeo and Futurity Champion

“…Thank you, thank you, thank you for your incredible products. I train and race endurance horses. It is a very demanding equestrian sport on many types of conditions and terrains. Hawthorne Products have been a part of my training program. I always carry SolePack in my Easyboots just in case I lose a shoe on the trail and it offers soothing comfort. The SolePack dressing helps keep my horses hooves in excellent condition all race season. Ice-O-Gel is another amazing product. The results are immediate to help tighten the legs after a race or hard workout. I know I can depend on Hawthorne for safe and effective products to keep my horses in competition…”


Thanks again,
Beverly Gray

“…Hope all is well. Thought I would email this information to you. I was at Churchill Downs Sunday morning, following up with a few trainers who received Trainer Welcome Bags, and other samples. When I visited the barn of Tom McCarthy, he was in the process of opening a packet of SOLE PACK, to apply to General Quarters. This is the only horse he trains!!! But, the horse has earned over $1 million!!! Had a terrible trip in the 2009 KY Derby. Recently won the Grade 1 Woodford Reserve Turf Classic for $500,000, and this weekend ran 3rd in the Grade 1 Stephen Foster Handicap. Tom McCarthy said he loved the product samples you guys sent. He then said to let you guys know if you wanted to use General Quarters in ads or other promotions, he would be more then willing to endorse Hawthorne Products. If its OK, I would like to give him your phone number to call…”


“…back in August/September of 2008, I called desperately seeking help with the white line fungus that overtook my three mares. The oldest, Zoolie, had had more than half of her outer hoof wall cut back to expose the fungus to light and air but to no avail. She could hardly walk and this method of treatment for over one and a half years was not proving successful. After I spoke to you bother and you so generously sent the necessary products without charge, I was sure I had the right remedy. I recall your confidence Done when you said to me, “When these products work, (not if they work) please drop me a note.” Well, the treatment worked! I’m sorry the note took so long, but until the outer hoof walls grew down, it was a difficult task to treat the hooves effectively.

I can greatly report, that the girls are doing great! All but one is completely cured, and the remaining shows less and less of the fungus. With all the rain and mud we’ve had here in the northeast, the hoof freeze and sole pack have proven effective in combating the white line fungus. I cannot thank you enough for your great advice, products and most of all your caring and generous attitudes…”


Very truly yours,
Thomas F Cusanelli
T.F.Cusanelli & Fillettie

“…Just a short note to let you know (the) package arrived and (I) saw some improvement within a couple of days. I just wish I could express how very thankful I am to you for what you did for Dawn. I am so very touched that you did so much to help us. There is a place in “heaven,” I am sure, for those who care for those who cannot speak. Wonderful You! If ever I can do anything to repay you – please please let me know.


With much gratitude,
Carol and Dawn (and Rusty….)


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