Wind Aid – Equine Breathing Aid

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Wind Aid – Equine Breathing Aid 1 oz & 32 oz


Wind Aid offers temporary relief of equine bronchial congestion, minor throat irritation, allergies, and wind problems. Wind Aid is given orally to horses for minor or more severe wind problems including bronchial congestion & coughs. Use Wind Aid Breathing Aid when your horse has:

  • seasonal allergies
  • respiratory track problems
  • coughs

Note: The Wind-Aid in a syringe is concentrated and the 1 oz. tube is one full dose. In the 32 oz. you must administer 2 oz. for a full dose.

WindAid Application Instructions (PDF)


This video shows one way to give a horse Wind Aid or other medicines with a syringe. We keep the head up, rub the throat and put the syringe or a finger in the side of the mouth to encourage the horse to swallow.

Weather changes, seasonal allergies, infections or dry confined areas can present trouble in managing respiratory-tract problems. Wind Aid was designed to aid in the relief of coughs, allergies, and other minor breathing problems. Wind Aid is a blend of natural aromatic oils and potassium iodide to aid in the reduction of mucus which is a problem in all respiratory-tract irritations, infectious or not.

Wind Aid is in a glycerine base which soothes and coats the irritated surfaces of the throat and aids in the reduction of inflammation. Wind Aid works as an expectorant and allows for more open air passages and free breathing. More air and less labored breathing results in more comfort and better performance.


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2 reviews for Wind Aid – Equine Breathing Aid

  1. merrillmundy111

    Wind aid has helped my mare so much! She even just about sucks the paste out of the tube! I think she knows its helping her too:)

  2. Janet Hanne (verified owner)

    I have tried other products and this one seems to work the best and is the best product for her. I give it to her after her morning feeding or up to two hours before I show and it helps her throughout the day. LOVE this product….. Recommend trying it before the more invasive options.

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