I have a young horse who is not used to bandages on his leg. He can’t stand it. How can I use poultice on him and get him use to a bandage?

For young horses, our poultice gets them used to something on leg – preparing for bandage use. We do not use a bandage on a young horse because they tend to twist and pull bandages potentially bowing a tendon. When I am breaking my young horses in to become used to bandages, I leave poultice on the leg. This helps them become accustom to a bandage, cream, and weight on their leg. There is no concern if they eat the poultice. And the poultice will not injure the leg.

One of my clients was having trouble with a young horse, keeping a bandage on it. She started out with light layers of poultice and turned him out. The horse was not being limited in his activity in any way. He slowly became able to wear a bandage comfortably.