How do you recommend we use glycerin topically?

The second use for Glycerin in the barn is using it mixed with other topical. For instance, I mix ½ Choate’s liniment, ¼ Witch Hazel and ¼ Glycerin as a beginners leg brace. The glycerin tames the Choate’s down and makes it a moisturizing brace. I also mix glycerin with Doc’s leg paint. Right now while Thurben is on vacation he is getting his legs painted with a mix of glycerin and Doc’s. The glycerin will help to add a moisturizer to the Doc’s so it doesn’t blister as easily but lets the Doc’s work as a counterirritant bringing blood to the area and hopefully healing any minor issues he may have had at the end of the meet. Some People use glycerin to sweat a neck or legs and this will work fine, Glycerin is an excellent choice because it washes off with water and it is hypoallergenic and moisturizing.