FQ: My horse has blown an abscess out the coronary band and also out the sole of the hoof. There is a bi-lateral cavity within the hoof –the horse continues to have re-occurring infection and is extremely lame—to the point I am considering giving him up. My trainer told me to contact you because you have never steered my trainer wrong, fixing all of her past problem horses. How can I help my horse?

I want you to squirt the Sole Pack Dressing into the hole in the sole of the foot. Use the empty oral syringes or the bottle with the tip to squirt the dressing into this cavity—whatever works best for this but do not jab the tip into sensitive tissue. When the cavity has filled with dressing then plug the hole with the Sole Pack Packing (push in as much as possible). If this application appears to last more than a day, then great. If it doesn’t, you may need to do this daily for a few weeks or more. If there are any crevices or flaked-out places on the white line, then fill those areas with Sole Pack Packing, too. This may be where the abscess started.

The horse should show signs of pain relief within a few days. If you have any cup in the foot and room to pack the sole before applying the medicine plate then pack with Sole Pack Packing. This packing can be reused as long as it remains dark in color. If there is heat or fever in the foot it will suck the medication out of the packing, and the packing will not be reusable (it will look light brown and flaky.) You will know the difference. If there is no room for packing then paint the dressing on the frog and sole before applying the medicine plate.

There is a brush in the box that looks like a tooth brush. I want you to massage Sole Pack Dressing around the coronary band about 4 days a week. This will promote hoof growth. Definitely include the area on the coronary band where the graveling occurred. Do not paint the outside of the hoof –just the coronary band. It is gooey but it works.

As this hoof grows out, the cavity inside will come to the surface with several trimmings–then it will appear real nasty and possibly have a nasty odor but keep applying Sole Pack Dressing to it—just brush it on or pack the foot. Just like blood blister in your fingernail—until the nail grows out beyond the blister you have that unsightly bruise to deal with.

Please call me if you have any questions. If there is any fever or swelling in the leg then you may be dealing with infection and may need antibiotics—consult a vet for this. But, Sole Pack contains iodine and several other ingredients that fight bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. So, it should deal with any remaining infection in the cavity and also prevent any new infection. You want to make sure nothing enters the hoof through this hole to create more problems. Keep me posted I would love to hear how things progress.