FAQ: Have you had a serious situation that Sole Pack Dressing has made a big difference?

Several years ago we were presented with a case where a horse had run a roofing nail into the bottom of his hoof and it came out in the hairline above the coronary band—missed critical bones but was a serious injury. They had worked with him and had numerous vets on the case but were deciding to destroy the horse. We had just developed Sole Pack and fortunately, one of my vets was called in. He in turn called and suggested we test it on this horse and the owners agreed. We did just this—squirted the Sole Pack Dressing into the hole and then pushed packing into it and packed his hoof because of the fever in the hoof. In two days this horse was trotting in the field relatively sound and improved every day. As I said before, Sole Pack contains iodine and several other ingredients that fight bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. If there is any fever or swelling in the leg then you may be dealing with infection and may need antibiotics—consult a vet for this.