FAQ: Are you experienced with losing horses to lightning?

My neighbor lost a horse to lightning the other night.  This is my third year to have someone nearby lose a horse to lightning and one friend lost a herd of broodmares.  Some pretty bad spring storms are setting in here so everyone came in before they hit.  If it is warm out and just […]

FAQ: How do you keep track of the medicines and treatments your horses get? Any suggestions?

I think it is important for horse owners to keep a calendar and be sure to mark when they start medication and stop. Also add any other important details like vaccinations, illnesses, shoeing or trimming, teeth work and worming. This is especially important if the horse gets hurt because time goes by quickly. Often you […]

FAQ: I have a pulling pony that has done real well this year but seems to be sore in his knees. He is also getting a little old, and his knees are warm but they do not have any swelling.

I suggest you pack his feet with Sole Pack for a week, and then we can rule out the tender feet issue. Since he has some age on him and you felt warmth in his knees, I would use Vita Oil massages on his knees daily, and we will see how he gets along with […]

FAQ: Is it a good idea to supplement a horse’s diet with yeast?

I am not an nutritional expert, but I am happy to share my experiences and understanding.  It seems there is a little conflicting evidence, but for the most part it takes about 3 weeks to see a difference when using yeast.  It probably would be worth a try.  I can say that yeast supplements have […]

FAQ: I have a mare in foal (pregnant). She is coughing with no other sign of illness or infection – like a fever. I have used Wind Aid before on my racehorse. Is it safe to give the mare Wind Aid?

Yes, it is safe, and there would be no reason you could not give Wind Aid to her. I do recommend that if she does not improve in a few days or if she shows signs of getting worse, talk with a vet.

FAQ: Is there a secret to getting 2 oz of Wind Aid down a horse’s throat? I have tried squirting fast & squirting slow, & holding the horse’s head up after squirting. The horse manages to spit 95% of it out. Any suggestions?

I would guess that you are not getting the syringe back far enough in the throat.  On some horses I pull the tongue out to one side and then squirt it back in the throat.  But, most of the time you can insert the syringe into the side of the mouth and get it back […]