What causes Mud Fever or Scratches?

I would like to tell you I know what the cause of Mud Fever is, but I honestly think there are different causes. Not all cases are the same, and this is why some treatments work on some and not others. Sometimes it is contagious as in all the horses get it and other times […]

What is Mud Fever?

Mud Fever, also known as the Scratches, dew poisoning, pastern dermatitis, grease heel, or greasy heel, rain rot, is conflicting but putting them all together concludes that Scratches is dermatitis, or inflammation of the skin, and the most common cause seems to be fungus which can be complicated by a bacterial infection. The fungus lives […]

My mare is due at the end of April. Since I know you just had a new fillly (April) and your other mare (LA) is due in days, what are you looking for to know that foal is coming soon?

Usually a mare’s udder will get larger, and there will be some waxing on the teats and possibly a little milk dripping (the droplets are colostrum), but our mare (LA – Lady Afleet) has suffered from mastitis at some earlier point in her life, and it has made it rather difficult to predict. They usually […]