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How do you recommend we use glycerin topically?

The second use for Glycerin in the barn is using it mixed with other topical. For instance, I mix ½ Choate’s liniment, ¼ Witch Hazel and ¼ Glycerin as a beginners leg brace. The glycerin tames the Choate’s down and makes it a moisturizing brace. I also mix glycerin with Doc’s leg paint. Right now […]

When do you give Glycerin orally to your horse?

Orally—Glycerin lubricates the throat of the horse. Sometimes it is mixed with Peppermint oil adding the aromatic and possibly the decongestant quality of the peppermint oil. Peppermint is also known to sooth the stomach and help in ulcer situations—horses usually love peppermint. Often when the weather is real cold or if it has been extremely […]